Inspiring Writing using Adventure Game Creation with Book Creator App – Sept 2014 Blog Post

This term I have been working with upper Key Stage 2 pupils to develop interactive adventure style games in Book Creator. One of the features of the app is it allows you to link objects such as images and text to other pages within the book. For images, tap on the image to select it, then tap on the Info icon and use the hyperlink box to type in the page number. For text, highlight the text withIn the text box and you will see a hyperlink option. This has enabled us to create games where choices, questions and decisions are asked of the user/player throughout. We have then used this as a stimulus for writing, not only creatively but also instruction and advertising. Above are a few screen shots of an example book I made but I didn’t want to show the pupils too much as I wanted them to come up with their own ideas.



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