8 Powerful iPad Apps That Support Inquiry-based Learning ~ EdTech and MLearning

Inquiry-based learning is a constructive, dialogic and student-centred learning strategy that  uses questions as a locomotive for learning. And as we have argued elsewhere, inquiry-based learning is radically different from traditional modes of learning where much of the focus is placed on things such as drills, memorization and rote learning. In inquiry-based learning, students are driven by a sense of curiosity in an investigative process that involves posing questions and exploring different learning paths. In today’s post, we are sharing with you some excellent iPad apps that support the ethos of inquiry based learning. For web tools that support inquiry-based learning check out this page.

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Visual Thinking in eLearning: What eLearning professionals should know

Pensamento visual refere-se a uma abordagem de aprendizagem que liga idéias ou conceitos complexos de elementos visuais, como imagens, mapas palavra, ou infográficos. Pensamento visual pode ser usado por profissionais de eLearning para criar conteúdo de eLearning significativa, bem como por alunos on-line para representar visualmente suas idéias e pensamentos durante o processo de eLearning.

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